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If the caries on the tooth surface progress and reach the vascular nerve package part of the teeth, inflammation occurs in all root structures.

In individuals with very advanced gingival disease, if it reaches the root tip under the gingiva, again tertiary inflammation in the root vascular structures and severe pain due to it occur.

Inflammation and pain occur in the vascular nerve bundle connected to the tooth root structures in individuals who have had an accident and are exposed to trauma.

The treatment of all of these conditions is to clean the affected nerve vascular bundle and perform root canal treatment. It is very important to use up-to-date systems for the success of root canal treatment. Because the ideal cleaning of the canal up to the root tip can only be done with these systems. The leading instruments are the endodontic rotary instrument system and the apex locater instrument. In addition to these, the most important factor is that an experienced physician uses these instruments and combines them with his theoretical knowledge.

In the past, only hand tools were used and x-rays were taken in root canal treatment in dentistry. For this reason, the desired ideal canal cleaning and shaping could not be done. Thanks to the technological developments in the field of endodontics, rotary instrument systems have emerged that increase the success of root canal treatments, provide better washing of the inside of the canal, easily reach the root tip and offer a shorter treatment time.

Due to these advantages, rotary instrument systems are constantly used in all types of root canal treatment in our clinic.