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Removable dentures are completely retained by vacuuming soft tissues and in some recessed areas. However, this retention is very low, especially in cases where the bones are fused and the tongue is mobile. This lack of retention and the continuous removal of the prosthesis adversely affect the patient’s eating-drinking and speech function. In order to increase the retention and stability of full dentures in cases with no teeth, at least 4 implants are placed in the upper jaw and at least 2 implants in the lower jaw and removable prosthesis is placed on them. In this way, prosthesis movement, dislocation, and speech-eating difficulties are eliminated.

In addition, the number of more implants as in the fixed structure is avoided. It is an option that is both more economical and less surgical.


Compared to traditional full dentures supported by soft tissue, they provide more comfortable eating and smoother speech as they are quite restrained and immobile.
Since it can imitate soft tissue structures as well as teeth with its pink structure, it has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
They can be easily cleaned as they are removable and attachable.


As a result of clinical and radiological evaluation, if at least 2 implants are placed in the lower jaw, at least 4 implants are placed in the upper jaw. After the integration of the implants with the bone is completed, the implant parts are placed. Implant parts that will connect with full dentures are called ball, locater and bar and have different structures. Which part will be used in which case varies according to the physician’s knowledge and clinical experience. Removable prostheses have special spaces according to the areas that will come on these structures. The combination of the implant-top part and the socket of the removable prosthesis is like a key-lock system. In this way, both retention and stability of full dentures are provided. Fully fitting the implanted parts with removable prostheses requires both special materials and experience.


After every meal and before going to bed at night, dentures should be removed and cleaned, and the implant parts and surrounding gingiva should be brushed.
Special cleaning powders and denture brushes should be used without using toothpaste for the cleaning of full dentures.
Dentist control every 6 months should not be neglected.

İkon Diş provides service to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach with its physician staff specialized in different fields of oral and dental health.


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