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If you do not pay attention to nutrition during orthodontic treatment, the brackets will throw away the adhesives and the tooth will return to its former state. This prolongs the treatment period and the resulting wires sink into the patient’s cheeks. Therefore, it should be fed as follows:

Instead of hard fruits such as apples, pears, quinces and plums, prefer soft fruits such as strawberries, watermelons and grapes. If hard fruits are to be eaten, they should be cut with a knife and made into a bite and consumed without being bitten with the front teeth.
Hard vegetables such as carrots should not be consumed or consumed after cooking.
Instead of whole foods such as bread crumbs, hamburgers, wraps, they should be consumed in the form of service. Or it should be consumed after being cut into small pieces with a knife.
Instead of consuming hard or hard parts of foods such as bread and bagels, it is necessary to consume soft ones or soft parts.
Choose soft and boneless meats instead of bony or hard-to-chew meats.
Do not consume sticky foods such as jelly beans, paste, chewing gum.
Seed fruits and soft nuts should be consumed after removing the core.
Prefer fruit juice, soda and ayran instead of acidic drinks such as cola and soda.
Soft nuts such as apricots, raisins and figs should be preferred. Other hard and shelled nuts should not be consumed.
Foods containing hard pieces and crumbs such as popcorn and chips should not be consumed.
Apart from this, any food that can break the uncountable brackets should not be consumed.