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We use the most modern treatment methods and technological tools to detect and treat every problem in your mouth and teeth.

If the teeth that need root canal treatment are not treated, or due to improper root canal treatments, the infection in the root canal spreads from the root tip to the bone and surrounding tissues. During this spread, although toothless is lifeless, not much pain is felt, but a feeling of discomfort occurs due to pressure. Despite this situation, if the treatment is still delayed, the infection progresses insidiously and an abscess occurs in the bone and soft tissues. Depending on the extent of the abscess spread, the amount of bone melting and the mobility of the tooth, the abscessed tooth is re-treated (re-root canal treatment) or extracted.

In order to avoid an abscess, the treatment of teeth that need root canal treatment should not be delayed and the previously performed root canal treatments should not be checked.

İkon Diş provides service to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach with its physician staff specialized in different fields of oral and dental health.

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